We offer the following range of consulting services:




The right business strategy in today’s competitive environment is the decisive factor for the long-term success. The important strategic issues can be divided into decision areas:


Depending on the company and market requirements, individual or all decision areas of importance to the company and must be dealt with systematically.


Examples of Projects

  • Strategic market positioning of a company

  • Strategy for ensuring the continued growth of a large trading company

  • Strategy and marketing concept for a company in the capital goods segment

  • Internet/New Media Strategy of  a manufacturer of capital goods

  • Internationalization strategy and international market entry of a provider of system solutions



Marketing offers the opportunity to differentiate from competition at the demand side. In addition to the traditional marketing instruments:

  • Product and Product Program
  • Prices and Terms of Payment
  • Distribution (including Sales) and
  • Communication (including advertising)

today a number of current issues are of importance, such as:

  • Customer Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management
  • Internet, New Media, Social Media and Mobile Marketing,
  • Customer Journey and Touch Points,
  • Cross-Media Communication,
  • Big Data,
  • Multi-Channel Sales,
  • E-Commerce.

These will be integrated depending on the tasks and requirements in the marketing projects.


Examples of Projects

  • Distribution and pricing strategy for a company in Europe

  • Customer Relationship Management for a multinational company

  • Development of a communication (advertising) concept for the re-positioning of the company on the market

  • Development of a sales strategy for a special software



Market Research

The better the information, the better the decisions on strategy and marketing. We create market studies as a basis for strategic and operational decisions.

Depending on the tasks for this secondary analyses (analysis of existing information) or primary analyses (collection of new data, usually in the form of surveys) are carried out. We have extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative survey research.

Qualitative interviews in the form of personal or telephone interviews with experts are carried out in-house. Design, monitoring and evaluation of quantitative surveys are designed in-house and carried out by corresponding field institutes.


Examples of Projects

  • Determining customer needs for product development

  • Image Profile and customer satisfaction of a machine builder

  • Customer satisfaction of customers of a wholesale group

  • Perception of a newly designed logo in the target group



Business Development

The medium to long-term success of companies depends on their continuous development. In this context it comes to strategic decisions, but also organizational and cultural development in the sense of change management. We record all tasks in this regard and have specialists that support the cultural change of companies.

We undertake tasks relating to the implementation of projects. Furthermore, we are available as facilitators that keep track of the important implementation steps and advises on the implementation.


Examples of Projects

  • Support for implementation of the strategic reorientation of the subsidiary of a group

  • Digital transformation of a medium-sized company

  • Search and selection of a new advertising agency for an Internet Service Provider (daughter company RU)


Further Examples of Projects

  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation of business cases
  • Development of marketing and communication concepts for new product introductions
  • Positioning of new brands and products in a competitive environment
  • Preparation of market and competition studies
  • Designing and carrying out customer surveys
  • Strategy and marketing qualification of employees


Project Approaches

For processing the projects different approaches are possible. These are selected in light of the individual circumstances: 


Classic consulting projects

Following the definition of the project necessary analyses are carried out. Based on these solutions are developed for the task and presented to the client and passed in report form.

Workshop approach

Using a pre-defined structure, the task team “consulting/company” work on the desired goal (eg creating a marketing or communications concept for new product introduction) . A positive side-effect of the workshops is usually the determination of further action needs of the enterprise for the relevant subject area.


A defined consultant is available to clients as conversation and discussion partner for fitting or emerging issues in strategy and marketing area. As a result, the company external perspectives and additional expertise can be supplied.