Now even more topical than ever: Live online workshops, training courses and seminars: modern multi-day formats with professional methodology and technology

By using modern technology as well as concepts and working methods adapted to the circumstances, the same working atmosphere is created as with presence formats.

The advantages are obvious:

• Learn and work from anywhere
• Participants from all regions of the world can participate without the hassle of traveling
• Live online format
• Efficient working and learning online
• Customized

Training, seminars and classic work workshops are possible. Special technical knowledge is not necessary, only a notebook or computer is required. A headset is helpful. The work platform can be provided by the customer or by us (MS teams or ZOOM). The consultants and trainers have excellent specialist expertise and many years of experience with training and seminars, including in digital formats.

The procedure and the process summarized:

  • Live from the studio, the latest technology, trainers work with flipcharts, metaplan boards, “real training atmosphere”
  • Interactive elements, discussions, group work, practice transfer workshop, case studies, practical work on special tools, methods, checklists
  • Half or full day events, total duration 1-3 days

We also offer online training and seminars in English and German for the following subject areas:

  • Strategy / Strategic Management
  • Business Model Development
  • Business Development
  • Marketing and Market Research
  • Successful Product Launch
  • Successful International Market Entrance
  • Innovation Management
  • Product Management and Marketing

Feel free to contact us, we look forward to discussing your specific topics and tasks with you!